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with apologies to jes5199

YAY! It rained.

And not just spit, not just a little drizzle.

Real rain.

All afternoon and evening.

Aaah... finally.

I was driving from the grocery store around sundown in the rain and was thinking to myself, "Ah yes! I remember this! This is what the weather's like in Portland."

It's been since... oh, probably April.
nor straws scary

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It's been hot and sunny and dry this weekend. I was remarking to myself earlier today in the heat that Portland is too darned dry in the summer (as I have thought before). Tonight has contradicted that a little bit, as it is nicely (well, at least detectably) humid outside this evening, but still, that is rare, and it never ever rains. I want my rain!

This munky is also sad about Portland being dry.