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I went downtown to the Pioneer Place mall to go to a kitchen supply store. When I arrived, I found that the kitchen supply store was no longer there. I figured that, while I was there, I might as well go down to The Body Shop to see if Marissa was working and if so to say hello. When I got there, I found that it was under reconstruction. When I emerged from the mall back onto the street, there were about seven cop cars with their lights on and four or five cops on bikes parked by the bus stop. There was a crowd of people there and they were screaming. Another cop car came by, and the cop hopped out and screamed at everyone to "Go away!" I did.

On my way home, I saw what looked like a dead dog in the alley. I inspected more closely and discovered it was a large piece of heavy cloth.
nor straws scary

spooky dance band dead

I just found out this morning while reading the paper that two of the cyclists hit by the drunk driver a few days ago were in Spooky Dance Band, a local band I am (was?) extremely fond of. I hadn't recognized the names, and so they were just "random strangers"... probably at least an acquaintance of a friend, given their age and location, but now I realize who two of them were. People I've seen perform, been within just a few feet of...

Orion Satushek, the organ player for the band, died. Caroline Buchalter, the viola player, is in the hospital recovering.

There's a memorial going on right now on Mount Tabor, but I can't go because I need to clean up around my house and pack and go table at the Geek Fair for an hour (which I previously committed to do). I'd also feel a little out of place, because I didn't actually know them, but I'm sure it'd be ok.

It makes me want to cry.