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Crazy cat lady

Meagan and Mini-Kitty, originally uploaded by qousqous.

So my sister, pictured here (the human), who is also my roommate, needed an MRI for her knee.

What they do in the Yukon when you need an MRI, since they don't have any MRI machines in the territory, is they book you an appointment at a hospital Outside for an MRI there. Then, they book you a plane ticket to get to and from where you're going. And they ask you, when would you like to leave, and when would you like to come back? Because it doesn't really matter to them when you go, as long as you make the appointment, so lots of people who need to travel Outside for a medical appointment make a little vacation of it.

Anyhow, Meagan, who, incidentally, does not like flying so they booked her a Greyhound ticket instead, went to Edmonton for her MRI last week. On the way, she picked up a postcard and mailed it to us. And she also wrote a postcard to her cat, Mini Kitty, pictured above (the cat). This is because she is a crazy cat lady.

So today on my lunch break I came home and found the card to Mini. And what did I do with it? I, of course, sat down on the floor and read the postcard to the cat. This is because I am a crazy cat lady.

I'm pretty sure that if Ashley had been the one to pick up the card, that she would have done the same thing that I did. This is because she is a crazy cat lady.

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I have so much to talk about and so little to say.

It's fall now. Has been for about a month. It frosts every evening and now there's a chill in the air during the day, too. The light is turning golden, and so are the trees.

I don't really have anything else right now, so here are some houses:

Without snow

Gravel driveway


Thirty four

Sorbus acuparia?


Why have a front yard when you can have asphalt?