Doctor Qousqous Tsziar (qousqous) wrote,
Doctor Qousqous Tsziar

Address book: your contact info

As per zoe_trope's inspiration, I am posting this poll to collect addresses. Please make sure your contact information is in here if you would like me to send you postcards or be able to call or e-mail you. Don't worry, I have it as viewable by none, so it will be private—only you and I will be able to see it. You can even update it later! Woohoo!

Poll #308571 Address Book

What is your best current mailing address?

What is your best phone number? Landline? Cell? Other phone numbers?

What is your best current e-mail address? Other e-mail addresses, including ones you might send mail to me from?

Anything else I should have on file?

If you do update this information, please leave a comment here so I can update my other address books.
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